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It's the BIGGEST day of your life.
The less stress the better, but if you have invited only your closest friends and your nearest and dearest relatives, that's the way it should be!
want to have as much fun as you, because my aim always is to blend in and become part of your day, to capture the fun and the laughter and detail - naturally


Aimee and Matthew at Lumley Castle

Rachel and Kevin at Wynyard Hall

Anna and Warren at Matfen Hall

Nicola and Simon at Jesmond Dene House

Most brides wish for me to be around from when they are getting ready, when they are chatting with their friends with a glass of champagne. This gives me an opportunity to create photographs of your dress before you put it on.
If you prefer not to have me around at that time, no problem at all and I will be happy to meet with you later in the day.
Often the wedding is in one location, at a country house or hotel with a civil ceremony and that makes things much easier and more compact, allowing me to flit between groups of people or the bride and groom and parents as the day progresses, but if you start at home, and move to a church wedding and have a wedding breakfast and speeches elsewhere, that's not a problem either.
I will be with the two of you most of the day.
Not in your face. but close by, observing and taking discreet and candid photographs of your natural smiles and interactions between the two of you and with your family and guests.
There's nothing forced, nothing un-natural. I won't be stopping the natural flow of the day, and I'll make sure that all the details photographs so beloved of brides, the favours, the tables, the flowers , the cake details, the rings, the dress details, the hats and the gifts are all captured before the end of the day.
Once the service is over at the church, the plan is to get you outside and meet and greet with your guests - lots of nice natural images of your smiles and happiness rather than static images of lines of people.
Then, if you or your family want some images at the church, that's fine, we can do that in 5 minutes flat and then head off to your reception venue, so you can relax and chill out and start to enjoy your day!
Parents and
grandparents EXPECT the photographer to start organising groups and such like straight after a ceremony ..... that's not the best way to do things.
We have all been to the weddings from hell, where the photographer takes over, barking orders, while his assistant marshalls the troops and, with the help of all the groomsmen and best man, give everyone their orders for all the formal photography - the dreaded groups!
Unless YOU REALLY WANT TO ... the best course of events is to relax .. meet and greet outside your church and then head off to your chosen reception venue.
You have a glass or two of champagne, you mingle, you chat and talk and laugh and cry and talk ..... it all makes for great natural wedding photographs.
your best photographs will come from you all having a great celebration - the laughter, the fun, the ambiance .... once you have had 45 minutes or an hour of that, then I will suggest, or we will sort out between us, a few close family groups .. that's mums and dads and grandads and grandmas ... and bridesmaids and best man sort of thing.
They will take about 10 minutes, max. I will sort them, nobody needs to be bothered, there will be no shouting, only fun and laughter.
If we get the opportunity, I will siggest that we do one big group photo, to make sure we get a shot of everyone who attends, and that's it.
No bother, no hassle, no stress, just relaxed and chilled out and fun!
You will NEVER be late for your wedding breakfast because of me. Head chefs and wedding co-ordinators
will love you, because I'm no bother, no problem and actually helpful and liase with them.
Once you are in the wedding breakfast and in among the speeches, everything will flow nice and easy (have you considered having
your speeches first ?).
Once the
wedding breakfast is over, EVERYONE will want fresh air to relax and get ready for the evening fun and frolics!
This is a great time for you to freshen up, for me to laise with your mums and dads and get some of those important family shots that we didn't get before sitting down, and whenyou re-appear, I will take you way for 10 or 15 minutes and get some photographs of the two of you on your own
As soon as I'm done, you have time to prepare for the evening celebrations - and I will be there too if you want me.



Helen and Daniel at Wynyard Hall

Dominique and Shaun at The Morritt

Jenna and Darren at Redworth Hall

Kirsty and Andrew at Tynemouth Grand

Danielle and her father arrive at the front of the Great Hall in Bamburgh Castle ..... seeing John for the first time!


Annmarie and Joseph at Staincliffe Hotel

Victoria and Jonathan at Wynyard Hall

Claire and Andrew at Rockliffe Hall

Karen and Gavin at Crathorne Hall

Joanne and Tony at Hall Garth Golf Club

Becky and Jonna at Shotton Hall

Rachel and Adrian at Judges

Joanne and Alan at Judges Hotel

Sharon and Martin watch the fireworks at their wedding at Slaley Hall in Northumberland

Rene and Alison at Wynyard Golf Club

Ellie and Steve at Moorsholm


Victoria and Simon at Wynyard Golf Club

Angie and Michael at Judges

Gaynor and Steve in Hitchin

Caroline and Stephen at Wynyard Hall

Sally and Andy at Bath Spa Hotel

Nikki at Guyzance Hall

Alison at Feversham Arms Helmsley

Kate at The Crab and Lobster

Kirsty at Wynyard Hall

Nikki at Guyzance Hall

Sarah at Crathorne Hall during her wedding to Dan


Amanda at Headlam Hall

Jennifer at Tynemouth

Stephanie at Rockliffe Hall

Elizabeth at Wynyard Hall

If you have a wedding party of less than 22 individuals, then why not try booking the Captain's cabin for your wedding breakfast on board HMS Trincomalee - the second oldest floating warship in the world, berthed in Hartlepool Historic Quay on the north east coast of England .. see my latest wedding on board HERE .. coverage for a midweek small wedding like this is from £750


A relaxed and happy group of friends and relatives wait for me to fall off the wall during Andrew and Rhoanne's wedding at Headlam Hall during the height of summer!


Claire and Jamie at Redworth Hall

Crathorne Hall

Headlam Hall

Wynyard Hall

Matfen Hall

Langley Castle

Crab & Lobster


Seaham Hall

Ellingham Hall

Beamish Hall

Redworth Hall

Judges Yarm

Slaley Hall

Rockliffe Hall




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