So .... After 7 or 9 or 12 hours or maybe even 2 or three days later if it is a Muslim or a Greek, Sikh or Jewish wedding, I say goodnight and offer my thanks for your hospitality to you and your parents - and head off home - usually cream crackered, but on a high!
I already have two copies of all the images I have captured that day - they have already been transferred from the camera memory cards


Aimee and Matthew at Lumley Castle

Rachel and Kevin at Wynyard Hall

Anna and Warren at Matfen Hall

Nicola and Simon at Jesmond Dene House

Once I arrive back at the office or my home, I usually collapse, but I'm often on too much of a high to relax straight away. So, a few beers, and look at some of the images I think may be important ones - the ones I will use on my BLOG on the following Wednesday, the ones I feel will make the cut for your wedding book.
I like to relax with my wife and children the following day if it is a Sunday .. if not, then I start the edit. If I'm shooting for 7 - 10 - 12 hours in a day, I will likely shoot in excess of
1000+ images, often a lot more as I document the day's events, the details and the fun.
There will be 'misses', where you have your eyes closed, or pulling a strange face! It happens, but I used to be a Picture Editor, so I can edit pretty tight, picking the best of a series of shots , or selecting the best five or six in a sequence of 20 or 30 images which tells the story of a part of the day.
I'll often end up with 300+ final selections, which tell the story of your celebrations - but that's just the start!
final image is assessed for sharpness, colour fidelity, dust marks, and for the best contrast and tonal range.
If I think an image will look better with enhanced contrast, or with a tint, or in black and white, then I will also include that in your list of final edited images.
On the
Wednesday after your wedding, I will post 40 images on my BLOG as a Sneak Peak for you and your guests -no doubt you will view them from your honeymoon hotel or log into Facebook!
Once all the images are complete and ready for printing (sometime within a week or so
) I will upload them to a private password-protected partner website.
I will then order a gallery proof-print of EVERY image (up to 500) and have them delivered to me, or, if you live abroad, directly to you.
If you are in the UK, they will be put into a presentation box and dropped off at your home if I am passing, or couriered to your home or work when you get back from your honeymoon.
Once you are back from your honeymoon, I will send you an e-mail so that you can check out all of the images taken on your wedding day and then you can pass on the details about the website and the password to your friends and relatives. Simples ...
You will then be able to use the proof prints and the website to guide you in your choice of photographs for your wedding album CONTACT ME


Helen and Daniel at Wynyard Hall

Dominique and Shaun at The Morritt

Jenna and Darren at Redworth Hall

Kirsty and Andrew at Tynemouth Grand

Anne looking radiant in her wedding gown at Cedar Court Grand Hotel in York - see some more of her wedding HERE


Annmarie and Joseph at Staincliffe Hotel

Victoria and Jonathan at Wynyard Hall

Claire and Andrew at Rockliffe Hall

Karen and Gavin at Crathorne Hall

Joanne and Tony at Hall Garth Golf Club

Becky and Jonna at Shotton Hall

Rachel and Adrian at Judges

Joanne and Alan at Judges Hotel

Rene and Alison at Wynyard Golf Club

Ellie and Steve at Moorsholm

Victoria and Simon at Wynyard Golf Club

Angie and Michael at Judges

Gill looking beautiful and enjoying her lovely wedding at Bowes Museum in Teesdale and then at a marquee in the countryside.
See more of her beautiful wedding HERE


Gaynor and Steve in Hitchin

Caroline and Stephen at Wynyard Hall

Sally and Andy at Bath Spa Hotel

Nikki at Guyzance Hall

Alison at Feversham Arms Helmsley

Kate at The Crab and Lobster

Kirsty at Wynyard Hall

Nikki at Guyzance Hall

Amanda at Headlam Hall

Jennifer at Tynemouth

I usually stay until the first dance at most weddings - often beyond if you wish. This is an image captured at Andrew and Rhoanne's wedding at Headlam Hall, an award winning small hotel and spa on the edge of Teesdale and County Durham, west of Darlington.


Stephanie at Rockliffe Hall

Elizabeth at Wynyard Hall

Getting married for a second time, or for the first time later in life ... No problem, just ring me, text me, e-mail me - let's talk Midweek small weddings, weddings on Friday or Monday are fine. This is Derek and Sue with their small group of friends and relatives on board HMS Trincomalee, the second oldest warship afloat in the world, at Hartlepool Historic Quay on the east coast of England


Danielle and Graeme - happy and content at their wedding at Redworth Hall on New Year's Eve

Crathorne Hall

Headlam Hall

Wynyard Hall

Matfen Hall

Langley Castle

Crab & Lobster


Seaham Hall

Ellingham Hall

Beamish Hall

Redworth Hall

Judges Yarm

Slaley Hall

Rockliffe Hall




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